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January 26, 2022  

The establishment of an effective failure analysis program

Failure analysis programs are in place at production and manufacturing plants in many industries, but they tend to stop at a certain stage.

January 5, 2022  

Trelleborg appoints Global Segment Director

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions announced the appointment of Michael Cook

January 3, 2022  

Bearing Specialists Association announces plans for 2022 Convention

The Bearing Specialists Association (BSA) announced that it is

November 11, 2021  

NyeClean 5057 PFOA-compliant grease

Nye Lubricants launched NyeClean 5057, a REACH-compliant, low outgassing

November 4, 2021  

Festo appoints Director of Sales for Canada

Festo announced the promotion of Jean-Francois Paquette to Canada

October 25, 2021  

Troubleshooting Industrial Chain Drives

Chain drives operate through tension engagement, where teeth on both the drive and driven sprockets engage with and pull the chain links.

August 16, 2021  

SKF recognized by GM as 2020 Supplier of the Year

SKF has been named a GM Supplier of the

August 6, 2021  

LPS MAX lubricants

ITW Pro Brands announced the next generation of products

July 9, 2021  

MRO Quiz: Troubleshooting power transmission coupling problems

Power transmission couplings connect two shafts that turn in the same direction on one centerline.
Three principle types exist; rigid, flexible and special purpose.

June 17, 2021  

Collaboration project to explore EVs improvement by water-based lubricants

The Swedish Energy Agency granted CEVT resources to lead a

May 24, 2021  

STLE appoints 2021-2022 President

The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) named Ken

April 19, 2021  

Petro-Canada Lubricants Sentron SP 30 gas engine oil

HollyFrontier Lubricants & Specialties has launched Petro-Canada Lubricants Sentron

April 5, 2021  

Molykote P-1042 adhesive grease paste

DuPont has introduced a Molykote brand adhesive grease paste

March 29, 2021  

STLE Annual Meeting and Exhibition goes online

Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) will host

March 1, 2021  

What conditions require timely oil drains and service

Oils do not wear out. Meaning, the base oil does not generally deteriorate; however, oil gradually loses its ability to carry out its functions of lubricating, reducing friction, and heat dissipation.

February 22, 2021  

SKF announces new VPs

SKF USA Inc. has hired Fal Dieso as Vice-President

November 9, 2020  

Bearing Quality, Service Life and Fatigue Life

What does the user want? What does the machine
designer want?

October 23, 2020  

MRO November 2020 Issue Available On-Demand

The December 2020 Digital Edition of Machinery and Equipment

October 12, 2020  

How to Spot the Signs of Mechanical Failure

By the time mechanical failures or maintenance issues are spotted, they’re often already too serious or expensive to repair. Meaning that operators and asset managers have to put a piece of equipment out of order until it can be replaced or fixed, which has a direct negative impact on the business’ bottom line.

October 9, 2020  

MainTrain Conference Goes Digital

PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada held its annual

September 18, 2020  

MRO September 2020 Issue Available On-Demand

The September 2020 Digital Edition of Machinery and Equipment

September 7, 2020  

OPINION: Changing Times Showcase Industry’s Adaptability

EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK (September 2020 issue of MRO Magazine) In

August 20, 2020  

Maintenance and Reliability in a Changed World Virtual Summit

MRO Magazine recently held its first-ever Maintenance and Reliability in a Changed World Virtual Summit, which allowed maintenance, reliability, and operations professionals to learn techniques to optimize their day-to-day maintenance activities.

August 10, 2020  

MRO Virtual Summit A Success

MRO Magazine recently held its first-ever half-day virtual summit.

August 3, 2020  

A Proactive Lifestyle for Your Machines – Focus on FLAB

Precision equipment care proactively targets the root causes of machine failure with the specific intent to increase equipment reliability. Proactively managing the mechanical and electrical aspects of fasteners, lubrication, alignment, and balance (FLAB) can increase equipment life, drive equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and support an organization’s environmental sustainability objectives through improved energy efficiency.

July 28, 2020  

MRO Virtual Summit

MRO Magazine’s Maintenance and Reliability in a Changed World Virtual Summit is set to take place on Thursday.

June 29, 2020  

Designing Equipment for Maintainability and Reliability

Maintainability is the term used to describe the ease with which any piece of industrial equipment can be inspected, lubricated, tested, adjusted, or repaired. Sound equipment maintainability demands that any new piece of equipment is properly installed, with no shortcuts to complete commissioning and startup procedures.

June 29, 2020  

Bower Type E Bearing Units

NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada Limited added the Bower

June 29, 2020  

OPINION: Positives Emerge Amid COVID-19

EDITOR’S LETTER (June 2020 issue of MRO Magazine) As

May 26, 2020  

Lubrication Selection Based on Speed

Limiting speeds If you look at an old bearing