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In a world of bigger is better the Nissan Kicks bucks the trend.
It comes with a 1.6L engine with 122 hp and 114 ft/lbs of torque mated to a CVT.
It may not be the fastest vehicle on the road, the small engine, CVT, its smaller size, make it an eco-friendly vehicle.

No matter the vehicle you drive. You can be more eco friendly by how you drive and how you take care of your vehicle.
With EVs a good way to get more kms is to use the recharge gear and have the vehicle use regenerative braking.
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If you have a sports sedan (like the Cadillac CT5-V shown) you may not be driving very eco friendly.But if you don't fly off the line at every stop or red light, and don't drive In a lower gear than needed your fuel economy will be better.
#ajacecomonth @ajacanada @CadillacCanada

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