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Max Uptime looked at how an organization’s food and beverage production capabilities are highly dependent on the state of its capital assets. Additionally, how the goal of any organization is to maximize uptime.

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New nutrition labelling regulations for packaged foods to encourage informed food choices was announced by The Government of Canada.

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Willow Biosciences Incorporated the Onyx Genome Engineering Platform into its strain engineering workflows.

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Broaching Cutters
The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.
Broaching cutters designed to meet your requirements are available from The Ohio Broach & Machine Co., a leading manufacturer with over 50 years of exp...
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Metal Expansion Joints
Sudbury International Engineered Products Limited
Come to the experts for all your metal expansion joint needs, as Sudbury International Engineered Products Ltd. has more than four decades of experience se...

Valve Automation
John Brooks Company Limited
As one of Canada’s premier suppliers of spray nozzles, pumps, filtration equipment, and valves, we at John Brooks Company Limited have developed long-ter...

Stainless Steel Fasteners
Ken Forging
Ken Forging Inc. offers a wide range of forged stainless steel fasteners. The types of fasteners we can provide include eyebolts, clamps, turnbuckles, and ...

Package Handling Conveyors
Wecon Systems Ltd.
Committed to producing high-performance equipment at competitive prices, Wecon Systems Ltd. combines decades of experience with innovative ideas. Using adv...

Manufactured Stone
Century Machine Inc
We manufacture a variety of abrasive stones. Our selection ranges from resin bond and vitrified bonds to silicon carbide. They offer fast and efficient rem...