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Wine Plugs
M M Plastic (Mfg) Co Inc
Wine plugs are available from the experts in injection-molding, MM Plastic (Mfg) Co. Inc. With more than half a century of experience providing high qualit...

Assembly Tools
Dobco Equipment Ltd.
A variety of assembly tools and accessories is available from Dobco Equipment Ltd. From electric screwdrivers to pneumatic nutrunners, riveters, torque rea...

Clinch Nuts
Gould Fasteners Ltd
Nuts are an important requirement for fastening applications in the Canadian manufacturing world, and Gould Fasteners supplies an impressive range of them ...

Rust Removing Metal Cleaning Products
Vibra Finish Limited
Rust removing metal cleaning procedures from Vibra Finish Ltd. can help you restore your parts’ vibrancy and function. Corrosion damages and inhibits...
Frasers Product
P & A Plastics Inc.
P & A Plastics is your first choice for extruded and cast polyamide nylon. We supply a variety of extruded and cast nylon grades to match your project&...
Frasers Product
Paper Roll Plugs
M M Plastic (Mfg) Co Inc
We can supply a variety of plugs for protecting your paper roll products. Our plugs can help protect rolls from damage or contamination during shipping and...