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Data Collection Systems
Durham Instruments
Durham Instruments can supply a range of data acquisition systems. Data acquisition, sometimes abbreviated as DAQ or DAS, is the process of sampling the re...

Multi-Zone Temperature Controllers
Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.
Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. can provide a range of multi-zone temperature controllers that offer cutting-edge features at economical prices.  They inc...

Lincoln Electric (Canada)
Lincoln Electric is the ideal source for robots and automated systems for welding, cutting, metal forming, and more. We have made a strategic alliance with...

Data Acquisition Systems
Durham Instruments
Durham Instruments distributes data acquisition systems and other electronic measurement tools manufactured by reliable companies from around the world. He...

Clevis Pins
Advance Fasteners Ltd
A range of clevis pins is available from Advance Fasteners Ltd. We are a growing fastener distributor with a wide selection. We supply many types of rivets...

High Pressure Check Valves
Wainbee Limited
We supply high pressure check valves of many styles. They are made by the industry’s most trusted manufacturers of valves for critical applications, ...