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September 24, 2023  

A year after Fiona: Nova Scotians still fear blackouts as utility claims improvements

September 23, 2023  

Coastal GasLink fined $364,000 in penalties

September 18, 2023  

Chevron says Australian LNG plant is back to full production after 3 days at 80% output

September 17, 2023  

Tofino’s extreme drought nearly dries up reservoir, forcing businesses to urgently conserve

September 15, 2023  

Sigma Lithium evaluating strategic alternatives, shares jump more than 10%

September 11, 2023  

Regulator yanks thousands of wells from troubled oil company, transfers for cleanup

September 11, 2023  

NDP wants Suncor CEO to tell MPs why company moving away from focus on clean energy

September 10, 2023  

Alberta enters global lithium race with opening of first extraction pilot project

September 4, 2023  

Oil and gas sector says new data shows it can both hike output and lower emissions

August 31, 2023  

Government of Canada invests in Niagara manufacturer

August 21, 2023  

‘Nation building moment’: Yukon eyes connection to B.C. electricity grid

August 13, 2023  

Federal government releases new draft regulations on clean electricity

August 13, 2023  

BC Hydro bids to raise EV charging fees, but customers say time based fees are unfair

August 12, 2023  

Montreal urban fish farmers say their Arctic char cuts greenhouse gases and waste

August 4, 2023  

NB Power says bringing electricity via Atlantic Loop could be cost prohibitive

August 3, 2023  

Prepare to flick off your incandescent bulbs for good under new US rules that kicked in this week

July 27, 2023  

Major automakers unite to build electric vehicle charging network they say will rival Tesla’s

July 24, 2023  

Ottawa reveals conditions for allowing future fossil fuel subsidies

July 16, 2023  

Canada set to end domestic subsidies for unabated fossil fuel production

July 10, 2023  

Ontario to seek new wind, solar power to help ease coming electricity supply crunch

July 8, 2023  

BC Hydro ignoring green energy for decades

June 20, 2023  

Oil and gas, electricity emissions remain a challenge for Ottawa Alberta relationship

June 19, 2023  

Ottawa unveils $350 million fund to support green tech in aerospace

June 19, 2023  

Liberals table ‘sustainable jobs’ bill to back up pledge to help workers transition

June 16, 2023  

Japan nuclear plant conducts tests before discharging treated radioactive wastewater into sea

June 14, 2023  

PepsiCo Canada using Canadian sources to achieve renewable electricity target