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Reduction of micro-stoppages

November 1, 2023 | By Mario Cywinski

Photo: Mario Cywinski

At MRO and Food and Beverage Engineering and Maintenance magazines’ recent Max Uptime V2 virtual event, MRO presented a variety of informative sessions.

In the Reduction of micro-stoppages session, speaker Mariela Castaño, Senior Vice-President and COO, Kunst Solutions spoke about:

Micro-stoppages in the food industry refer to very brief and often unnoticed interruptions or pauses in the production process that occur repeatedly and frequently. These interruptions are typically short in duration, often lasting just a few seconds to a minute, and may seem insignificant on their own. However, when these micro-stoppages accumulate over time, they can result in significant overall downtime, reduced productivity, and increased operational inefficiencies.


These interruptions can be especially detrimental in organizations that rely on continuous or high-speed production lines.

Identifying and addressing micro-stoppages is essential for:

  • Optimizing production processes.
  • Minimizing downtime.
  • Reducing operational costs.
  • Ensuring consistent product quality.
  • Improving food and team member safety.

During this session we will share how to effectively implement a strategy to manage and eliminate micro-stoppages that includes:

  • Data-Driven Approach
  • Effective maintenance
  • Team member training and empowerment
  • Optimizing quality control
  • Streamlined Changeovers
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Cultivating a Culture of Improvement

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The half-day virtual event presented by Machinery and Equipment MRO, Food and Beverage Maintenance and Engineering, and Annex Business Media allowed maintenance, reliability and maintenance professionals in the Food and Beverage sector to learn techniques to easily identify an asset issue, and react to solve problems, preventing unexpected and costly breakdowns.


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