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Rheozan BLC biodegradable suspension agent


July 23, 2021
By Maryam Farag


Photo: Rheozan BLC.

Solvay introduces a biodegradable rheology agent, Rheozan BLC, a natural and ready-to-use liquid polymer solution that delivers suspension power in the home and personal care products, without any impact on the formulation viscosity.

Rheozan BLC is derived from grey biotechnology. Its synthesis is based on starch fermentation by carefully selected bacterial strains that generate very uniform cellulose fibers. When added to the home and personal care formulas, these nature-engineered fibers build a regular three-dimensional mesh, creating a highly effective suspension mechanism.

It can suspend and stabilize visual cues such as pigments, natural exfoliating particles, perfume capsules, air bubbles, opacifier or emulsion, and insoluble agents such as zinc pyrithione or minerals.


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