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Intense BR50 series stacklight

September 15, 2022 | By Monica Ferguson

Photo: Pfannenberg.

Photo: Pfannenberg.

Pfannenberg announces the Intense BR50 series stacklight, which is the brightest stacklight available as it outshines previous Pfannenberg LEDs by 10,000per cent.

The stacklight features an online configuration tool that make it easier to design a simple stack light and provide a manufacturer’s suggested retail price and the resulting bill of materials.

The line of stacklights results in improved safety and productivity from increased levels of ambient light. Whether installed on cabinets, machinery frames, or junction boxes, Intense BR50 stacklights adds to facility safety, productivity, and style.

They are available in a variety of mounting options, including  direct-to-base, tube-and-bracket, and tube-and-stand (plinth).


“Intense BR50 stacklights will have an immediate and practical impact on evolving customer challenges,” said Jacob Vernon, signaling product manager, Pfannenberg’s. “As ambient light levels rise on manufacturing floors around the globe, we have focused on developing new configurations of our alarm and signaling devices to better protect people and processes.”


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