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Photo: Blackline Safety.

Blackline Safety launched the G6 personal gas detector, featuring long-lasting connectivity.

Industrial organizations can harness real-time safety data for the first time in scenarios where disposable, traditional beep-and-flash detectors are commonly used.

The solution leverages IoT cellular connectivity, G6 offers longer battery life, lower cost of ownership and fewer false alarms. It gives safety professionals access to the data needed to manage safety protocols, processes, and ongoing compliance.

“With this new technology, we’re bringing unprecedented levels of connectivity to industrial workplaces, helping to reduce the risk of injury, boost productivity and bring proactive safety management to a new level,” said Cody Slater, CEO and chair, Blackline Safety. “We’re responding to a direct need in the market, giving safety managers higher performing technology to access reliable, actionable data at their fingertips.”



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