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November 25, 2020 | By Mario Cywinski

Photo: Festo.

Festo VTSA-F-CB, with serial communications added to existing parallel communications capability. VTSA-F-CB’s internal bus system allows users to actuate up to 96 valve addresses, in four zones, on one valve terminal and one fieldbus node.

VTSA-F-CB can mix 18 mm and 26 mm valves on the same manifold, reducing size and cost of the manifold.

VTSA-F-CB features four CPX/pneumatic interfaces: basic interface when safety control is not required, two integrated PROFIsafe versions, and a version that makes it possible for an external safety fieldbus module to directly control three pneumatic safety zones.

VTSA-F-CB configuration options include a pilot air switching valve, and a safety soft start/quick exhaust valve. New vacuum generator VTSA-F-CB has an air saving feature with ejector pulse.



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