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OZ Lifting Stainless Steel Trolley

Mario Cywinski   

OZ Lifting Products LLC stainless steel push beam trolley, available in one or two ton capacities. The push beam trolleys fit most common I-, S- and W-beams. It is adjusted using supplied, in addition to an owner’s manual and test certificate.

The trolley does not require maintaining beyond that of a traditional steel product. Additional features include individual test certificate and serial number; stainless steel identity tag; anti-drop plate; and precision ball bearing trolley wheels. The trolley is designed for use in corrosive environments.

“Much fanfare greeted the launch of our [stainless steel] hoist and our distributors have wel-comed rapid expansion of the range,” said Steve Napieralski, President, OZ Lifting. “The bene-fits of Grade 304 stainless steel are well known in and out of industry, and we anticipate inter-est in individual units, hoists and trolleys, and multiples thereof, depending on the application.”



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