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Team Miles Wins the NASA Cube Quest Competition, Ground Tournament 1 with Help from Brainloop

September 9, 2015
By Business Wire News

ACTON, Mass.

Team Miles has won first place in the Ground Tournament 1 stage in the NASA Cube Quest Challenge, with help from Brainloop, Inc.’s official ITAR Technical Data Storage Solution. The ground tournaments are a series of ground-based checkpoints to allow judges to review the teams’ progress and to incentivize advancement with intermediate awards. The next Ground Tournament 2 is scheduled for February 2016.

About Cube Quest:

Cube Quest Challenge is a NASA Centennial Challenge competition. The mission is to develop a small satellite able to orbit the moon and travel to deep space. The goals of this challenge are to show the ability to conduct orbital maneuvers, direct the satellite to a certain location given limited information, and demonstrate strong communications with a ground station. Teams that achieve top performance at high-speed data communications, navigation and survival after achieving lunar orbit or a minimum long-distance range from Earth compete for a $5.5 million prize in NASA’s first ever in-space challenge.

The winning teams will be officially recognized Wednesday, Sept. 9, during a media telecom. For a full list of all of the winners in NASA Cube Quest Challenge Ground Tournament Round 1, visit:

About Brainloop Inc.’s ITAR Solution:

Brainloop offers the first full function public cloud document storage solution available for the highly sensitive ITAR needs of U.S. incorporated and based companies, such as U.S. defense contractors. The U.S. government requires all manufacturers, exporters, and brokers of defense articles, defense services, and related technical data to follow stringent ITAR compliance guidelines to protect confidential and technical information related to national defense from unlicensed disclosure to non-U.S. persons. Team Miles is participating in the Cube Quest Challenge. They require secure collaboration for ITAR restricted items with one another as well as NASA, utilizing Brainloop’s ITAR-compliant solution to facilitate this project in a safe and efficient manner.

“We are happy for the members of Team Miles for this accomplishment, and also proud to be a sponsor.We wish them continued success in the next stages of the Cube Quest Challenge.”

  • Michelle Randolph, Director of Enterprise Sales at Brainloop Inc.

For more information or a demo of Brainloop’s ITAR-compliant Secure Dataroom, please visit

About Brainloop, Inc.:

Operating since 2007, Brainloop Inc., the Secure Enterprise Information Company, is a market-leading provider of highly intuitive SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution enabling customers to securely manage and collaborate on confidential documents and information, whether inside or outside of their IT environments. Our enterprise customers, comprising of numerous industries, count on our software’s regulatory and corporate compliance, collaboration and process capabilities as well as its complete portfolio of security features.

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