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IDTechEx Research: Significant Advances In Electric Energy Independent Vehicles

September 9, 2015
By Business Wire News


Electric energy independent vehicles (EIVs) are electric vehicles that need no external charging or refuelling, making their own electricity as needed using rapidly renewable clean, free-of-charge sources. The brand new IDTechEx Research Report “Energy Independent Vehicles 2016-2026” explains why EIVs will be one of the most significant advances this century.

EIVs already exist on water, underwater, in the air and on land and advances are rapid. As they become much more capable EIVs are going to be of immense importance even in remote communities and the third world.

The electric vehicle business is forecasted by IDTechEx to be around $500 billion in 2026, rising strongly thereafter. As outlined in the new report, IDTechEx expects that electric energy independent vehicles (EIVs) will become an increasingly significant part of this multi-billion dollar industry.

The report provides unique insight into electrical EIVs on land, on water, underwater and in the air with electric vehicle market addressable by energy independence technology forecasted in 45 categories. It also explains how self-powered, zero-pollution vehicles will increasingly use many forms of high power energy harvesting (HPEH), some of it internal and directed at making them more efficient. Examples include energy harvesting shock absorbers, regenerative active suspension and regenerative braking.

Energy Independent Vehicles 2016-2026” is the only up to date report on the full picture, focussing on technology and commercial prospects. It is based on the latest research, almost entirely from 2015. After a thorough grounding in the technologies, 33 energy independent vehicle projects by land, on-water, underwater and in the air are analysed. Achievements and potential are presented in easily understood form. Intensive global travel, interviews and analysis by IDTechEx PhD level experts, conference materials and presentations from across the world combine to give a unique and in depth view.

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