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Reddwerks Announces a Strategic Alliance with abco automation

July 29, 2015
By Business Wire News


Reddwerks Corporation, the leading provider of Warehouse Execution Software, announces today a strategic alliance with abco automation, a material-handling engineering company whose core emphasis is on designing distribution centers. Together, abco and Reddwerks will harness their shared commitment to analysis-before-implementation to bring significant value to customers seeking highly automated order-fulfillment solutions.

Omni-channel and eCommerce demands have brought about a sea change in the way modern distribution centers function. As retailers and distributors compete in terms of accuracy and speed, many are seeking creative and nuanced design-based solutions that will increase the flexibility, quality, and agility of their operations, and extract greater value from their existing systems.

Reddwerks’ systematic analysis of distribution centers known as Distribution Science®, paired with abco’s success in applying mathematical principles for optimal distribution center design, brings a new approach to warehouse operations. It is an approach rooted in analytical-based decision making to create holistic health across a distribution center, as opposed to the common practice of forcing piecemeal integrations. Together, this alliance stands to offer substantial value for those retailers and distributors hoping to update their operations to meet modern business needs with limited capital expenditures.

“Reddwerks implementations are continuing to grow in scope and scale as our customers try to extract more and more value — as they see the benefit of creating a single, interconnected distribution center,” said Alex Ramirez, CEO and President of Reddwerks. “We believe abco shares our commitment to research-centric analysis, and will bring flexibility and creativity in their designs that will best align with Reddwerks’ innovative software capabilities.”

About Reddwerks

At Reddwerks, we view order fulfillment within the four walls of a distribution center as a single, interconnected process. Our Warehouse Execution Software, powered by Distribution Science®, combines execution with intelligence. We synchronize the discrete and low-level processes to create a real-time decision engine that drives labor and equipment at the highest efficiency. Our software provides customers the operational agility they need to handle the demands of an omni-channel environment.

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