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ElectricFilm, LLC Launches Line of Proprietary Light Harvesting Technology Solutions Optimized to Power the Internet of Things

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ElectricFilm, LLC today announced the launch of a line of proprietary light harvesting technology solutions that optimizes the conversion of any light – from low indoor levels to full daylight – into reliable, sustainable power with better cost and system performance than alternative methods. The company’s solutions are capable of capturing extremely low levels of light and are not negatively impacted by shading, like other photovoltaic (PV) technologies. Optimized to power a variety of wireless applications in the Internet of Things (IoT), ElectricFilm™ technology can be tailored to satisfy a wide range of power needs, environments, and product design requirements. It is ideally suited for smart building sensors – from thermostats to motion and smoke detectors to electronic locks – as well as motorized window shades and powered retail displays.

“ElectricFilm has optimized the conversion of indoor light to electricity with lower cost and better system performance than others, eliminating the need for costly hardwiring or battery replacement,” says Dr. Stuart M. Spitzer, President, ElectricFilm, LLC. “Our solutions harvest any light, from natural light through windows to artificial indoor light, to power a number of wireless applications that are all part of the Internet of Things.”

About ElectricFilm™ Technology

ElectricFilm light harvesting technology represents the culmination of 25 years of photovoltaic (PV) cell development and advancements. Signifying a breakthrough as a cost-effective, maintenance-free solution to power smart devices, ElectricFilm is a proprietary PV technology which harvests light from any direct, reflected, diffused or shaded source (including sunlight, fluorescent, incandescent and LED light) and converts it into a smart, convenient power alternative to hardwiring or disposable batteries. ElectricFilm captures low to medium light levels (25 to 50,000 lux) with high efficiency, making it ideally suited for indoor environments. The current is tuned with smart electronic controls to provide output for a wide variety of devices that need wireless power. The result is the ability to install devices anywhere with no wiring costs or maintenance calls, while reducing battery disposal.

About ElectricFilm™ Products


ElectricFilm Power from Light™ Single-Cell Modules power sensors in variety of wireless commercial, industrial and residential applications. With an estimated 75 billion sensors projected to be in use around the world, in millions of applications by 2020, the need for a reliable, cost-effective energy source for these devices, without hardwiring or batteries, is growing fast. ElectricFilm Modules are ideally suited for smart building sensors, from thermostats to motion and smoke detectors to electronic locks, as well as automotive and industrial sensors. These Single-Cell Modules are available in standard and custom sizes, featuring ready-to-use, high-efficiency photovoltaic cells. Specifically engineered for indoor light harvesting, the Modules work in any light and produce 7.0-70.0 uW/cm2 at 200-2000 lux respectively. They are thin, lightweight, flexible and bendable to within a 50 mm radius. Laminated and sealed, each Module produces ~0.5V and can be used alone, connected in series or parallel, or to supplement a super-capacitor or rechargeable battery system.

Powered Shades

ElectricFilm also offers the patent-pending Power From Light™ PFL Series for motorized window treatments for any size window, on any side of a building, in any level of sunlight – even through tinted glass with no hardwiring or disposable batteries. The PFL Series features the PFL30, a completely integrated system to fit a standard 30″ width that will provide sustainable power for the top brand motors on the market in 12 volt and 18 volt options. The PFL30 is an off-the-shelf solution for any new or retrofit installation. The PFL Series also features the PFL Custom Fabricator Kit, which enables fabricators to easily construct a self-charging power source for any powered shades between 20″ to 120″ in length for a sleek mullion-to-mullion look. Featuring high efficiency photovoltaic (PV) technology, the Series guarantees at least two up/down operations per day, in any climate or geographic location, even in a north-facing window after a long period of cloudy or snowy days and comes with a five-year full replacement warranty. The PFL Series also includes an energy management system which provides a unique low-charge indicator to ensure long life and customer satisfaction.

Indoor Retail Displays

With today’s consumers facing an overwhelming range of choices when they shop, more manufacturers are using powered retail displays to make their products stand out to gain an important edge in driving consumers’ purchasing decisions in store. Patent-pending ElectricFilm Power from Light™ Retail Panels power retail displays by creating electricity from any indoor light source to provide attention-getting light, sound or motion in point-of-purchase (POP) retail displays. Powered whenever overhead store lights are on, ElectricFilm Retail Panels harvest indoor light and convert it into a smart, convenient power alternative to hardwiring or disposable batteries, ensuring no “dark” displays when customers approach. Thin, lightweight and flexible, ElectricFilm Retail Panels are available in a standard shelf-length size of 48 x 18 inches and custom sizes. Each panel produces power whenever overhead lights are on — up to 24 hours a day in some store environments. The power generated is stored and then can be used to power a light, motor, or audible device to draw attention to a shelf or a specific product. A panel can be easily mounted on top or behind a display header or valance. Reusable from one display to another, every panel comes with a five-year warranty.

About ElectricFilm LLC

ElectricFilm, LLC is an innovator and manufacturer of advanced Power from Light™ technology solutions which are optimized to power a variety of wireless applications in the Internet of Things (IoT). The need for limitless, battery-free power has never been greater and ElectricFilm’s lightweight, flexible film is engineered to harvest light from any source and convert it into cost-effective, sustainable electrical power solutions, providing years of maintenance-free power.

Founded in 2013, ElectricFilm is based in Newburyport, Mass. where it has manufacturing, as well as research and development facilities. The company’s key personnel has extensive experience in photovoltaic, light harvesting and portable power applications, product development and roll-to-roll manufacturing processes, with several company executives holding multiple patents. Dedicated to using this expertise to provide the most convenient and cost-effective solutions, ElectricFilm collaborates with global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide their applications the power they need, where they need it — from any light, anywhere.

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