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Ascent Enters Dallas Market with EF5 Tornado Hardened Data Center

June 21, 2016
By Business Wire News


Ascent, a leading provider of comprehensive data center solutions, announced today the launch of its latest data center facility, in the Dallas, Texas market. Available immediately, the standalone space, known as Ascent DAL1, is designed to provide the highly flexible and scalable data center infrastructure necessary for enterprises in the growing Dallas-Fort Worth region while offering hardened building construction, capable of withstanding EF5 tornadoes.

With active developments in other markets, including downtown and suburban Chicago, Ascent is now bringing its expertise to Dallas – an area under threat by severe weather and in need of highly secure, impenetrable facilities to run data center operations and provide business continuity. Ascent’s DAL1 facility is highly secure and can withstand environmental threats including EF5 tornadoes with up to 360 mph winds – it is outfitted with 15” reinforced concrete walls, 13.5” reinforced concrete roof, and 8,000-pound blast door at the dock area to name a few attributes.

“Texas has been hit hard with severe weather, including heavy rainstorms, hail and tornadoes recently. This is the perfect time for us to bring our enterprise class hardened facility to the market, which, with its EF5 hardening, is much more secure and reliable than standard facilities,” said Phil Horstmann, CEO of Ascent. “Dallas is a premier data center market and our hardened facility offers a different type of product that is well suited as a primary data center site for enterprise end-users as well as businesses seeking disaster recovery and continuity solutions in the Midwest. With our team’s ability to move quickly and deploy to the customer’s specifications, we can provide flexibility and capacity to accommodate companies with short term capacity needs and long term growth potential.”

Now available for lease, DAL1 is rack-ready and offers the ability for customization and expansion to meet customers’ technical, financial, security, and operational requirements. DAL1 spans 4.3 acres and is equipped with 2.7 MW of critical power with the ability to expand up to 7.2 MW. Strategically located in the Dallas suburb of Plano, the data center is highly connected with multiple fiber providers. The building has three diverse paths for fiber access, providing multiple points of entry for connectivity.

Ascent specializes in innovative, flexible and customer-centric solutions for leading-edge data center users. Tenants will have an end-to-end solution with Ascent’s world-class, 24/7 operational services and support.

About Ascent

Ascent is a leading provider of solutions for the development, engineering, construction and operation of data centers and critical facilities. Ascent partners with customers to solve technical, operational and financial challenges of running these facilities critical to customers’ businesses.

Founded in 1998, Ascent provides full life cycle support from the design and development of new, expanded or upgraded facilities to daily monitoring and management, backed by our 24/7 operations support. Ascent is a one-stop-shop for all critical infrastructure needs, and works hand-in-hand with customers to provide flexible, scalable, secure and highly available solutions to ensure their individual needs are met.

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