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Acumentrics SOFC Corporation Achieves Major Milestone in Delivering over 250 Remote Power RP™ Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Units

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Acumentrics SOFC Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of advanced power systems based on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology has now delivered over 250 of its high efficiency RP™ remote power generators to more than three dozen customers in the field.

Customers across the US, Canada, and Mexico are discovering the benefits of SOFC technology that utilizes natural gas and propane to produce electricity for off grid locations at dramatically lower costs than the alternatives. These power generators are used in many applications where there is no grid power available including: telecommunications, cathodic protection, equipment monitoring and control, and data gathering and relay.

Acumentrics has been developing highly efficient and reliable tubular SOFC technology for over 15 year and is now entering full scale commercialization in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The Company’s tubular (vs. planar) design provides for a highly manufacturable, durable SOFC that is proven with over 2,000,000 operating hours from units in the field.

“Acumentrics is the new kid on the block but has proven itself as a leader in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology in the 250 Watt to 10 Kilowatt power range,” said Gary Simon, President & CEO. “Our fuel cells do not require hydrogen and are very simple and durable. Using conventional fuels is a huge advantage for us. We do not need to wait for an entirely new fuel delivery system in order to bring big benefits to our customers.”

About Acumentrics SOFC Corporation
Acumentrics SOFC is engaged in developing and providing remote power generators using tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology to markets that have applications for clean, efficient and reliable off-grid power in the range from 250 watts to 10 kilowatts.

With the military and other government agencies, Acumentrics SOFC is also developing larger systems for off grid and hybrid power systems, including operation on diesel and military jet fuel.

CONTACT: For more information, on this recent achievement please contact Dr. Norman Bessette, Senior Vice President-Technology & Business Development at 781-461-8251 x407.

Acumentrics SOFC
Dr. Norman Bessette, 781-461-8251 x407
Senior Vice President-Technology & Business Development


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