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Focus on Scheduling and Planning of Maintenance

Mario Cywinski   

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GUEST: Doc Palmer

TOPIC: Focus on Scheduling and Planning of Maintenance

DESCRIPTION: Doc speaks about the importance of scheduling and planning of maintenance. He shares stories about what he has seen, how IIoT is changing how scheduling is done, and how companies can improve their scheduling and planning. COVID-19, do’s and don’ts, tips and techniques, and why companies neglect planning and scheduling are also covered.


Doc Palmer has over 30 years of industrial experience, primarily as a practitioner within the maintenance department of the Jacksonville Electric Authority. He was responsible for overhauling the existing maintenance planning organization, of which, the results played a role in expanding planning to all crafts and stations at the utility.

Doc authored the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook in 1999, which is now in its fourth edition. He has also delivered numerous maintenance articles (including many scheduling and planning articles for MRO magazine), as well as doing presentations for the industry.

Currently he provides guidance, mentoring, and training for companies internationally, that are looking for maintenance planning success.

He is a registered professional engineer with a master’s degree in business administration. He is also a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional.

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