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Bulk Conveyors
Pneuveyor Systems International Ltd.
Pneuveyor Systems International Ltd. designs and manufactures pneumatic bulk conveyors for a wide variety of industries. We often provide turnkey solutions...

Pneumatic drives
Festo Inc
Festo manufactured the first single-acting pneumatic cylinders in Europe. Today, we offer pneumatic drives in a wide range of popular styles and specialty ...

Repair Expansion Joints
Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)
Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO) can provide a wide range of expansion joints used for repair applications. These expansion joints are often used to ...

Masking Tape
Daemar Inc.
Masking tape from Daemar Inc. can stand up to harsh conditions to get the job done. You expect tape to protect your products in tough conditions, and our p...

Guns, Mig Welding Equipment
Lincoln Electric (Canada)
Lincoln Electric can supply a variety of MIG welding guns and equipment. Our offering includes semiautomatic and robotic guns, consumables, welders, and mo...

Custom Stampings
Arcfil Products Ltd
Custom metal stampings are available from Arcfil Products Ltd. Our in-house engineering experts can take customers’ initial ideas and turn them into ...