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Stainless steel motor withstands caustic washdown

Stainless steel motor withstands caustic washdown

Engineered for harsh washdown applications where high-pressure caustic solvents and cleaners are used, Boston Gear’s line of stainless steel motors features an exterior construction of 300 Series stainless steel housing, end bells, output shaft and conduit box. Motors are UL/ULc certified and conform to 2007 EISA efficiency standards. All units feature Class F insulation, Class B rise at 1.15 service factor, and epoxy-encapsulated windings. Stainless steel 230-VAC/460-VAC, three-phase, 60-Hz (50-Hz) motors are totally enclosed and are available in seven sizes ranging from 0.5 hp to 3 hp. They can easily be mounted to the company’s 700 Series stainless steel speed reducers. Suitable applications include food processing and packaging applications, including dairy, meat and poultry, bakery and snacks, fruits and vegetables, and candy.

Altra Industrial Motion

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Linear drive offers high-thrust option

Amacoil-Uhing RG3 linear drives are available with an extra bearing option that doubles the axial thrust capacity of the drive unit without significantly increasing the length of the drive box. RG4 drives are also an economical solution because increasing thrust with the four-ring option is less expensive than scaling up to a larger size RG3 drive. Nine RG3 sizes are each available with the four-ring option. The extra bearing doubles the thrust by increasing the number of bearing-to-shaft contact points. RG linear drives are used in equipment requiring a reciprocating linear motion component such as material handling systems, winding machines, spraying assemblies, converting equipment and metrology systems.


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Synchronous belt drive is energy efficient

Baldor has introduced a synchronous belt drive system using Dodge HTR and HTRC Tracker belts. The belts have a reinforced parabolic profile tooth design, allowing the belt teeth to sit deep in the sprocket. Combining these belts with Dodge Taper-Lock sprockets yields a power-dense rubber synchronous drive system. The neoprene rubber belts are manufactured with a glass fibre cord that provides good tension stability and prevents moisture from being absorbed. With no belt shrinkage or stretch, this belt will not have to be re-tensioned, making it virtually maintenance free. Power ratings are offered up to 1,200 hp. The HTR offering is an average-strength belt, while the HTRC is a higher-strength belt suitable for high-horsepower and high-torque applications.

Baldor Electric

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Redesigned frame increases motor efficiency

WEG Electric has redesigned the frame of the IEEE 841 electric motor to its new W22 platform, offering extended benefits for pulp and paper, petrochemical, steel industries, and other severe-duty applications. Featuring NEMA Premium electrical design with high torques and low temperatures, the redesigned motor delivers reliable performance, long life, optimization of energy resources, VFD operation, noise level reduction and easier maintenance. The company’s coatings epoxy paint system exceeds the 240-hour ASTM 117 salt fog corrosion test. Additionally, a foot flatness check is conducted on all motors to a tolerance of 0.005 or better to ensure easy installation and minimal vibration.

WEG Electric

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Ethernet-based control system is versatile

An Ethernet-based distributed control system for DC drives is available from Sprint Electric. The system, called drive.web, includes graphical configuration tools that provide diagnostics and configurability of all drives on the network, either locally or remotely via the Internet. These tools also provide full documentation and an operator interface for local control, all without the need for a PLC or supervisory computer. The hardware consists of an Ethernet port and processor. Additional hardware includes interfaces to AC drives and remote I/O modules. Running on the Java operating system, the configuration software provides graphical configuration and documentation tools for AC and DC drives, and start-up/commissioning assistance with real-time information from the drive and network.

MDA Controls

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