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January 23, 2023  

Abandoned mines among most expensive territorial contaminated sites

January 23, 2023  

State lawmakers propose power grid protections after attacks

January 21, 2023  

LNG Canada eyes electrification as planned expansion would send B.C. emissions skyrocketing

January 20, 2023  

Nova Scotia’s Donkin coal mine cited for safety violations since fall reopening

January 16, 2023  

Guilbeault gives green light to James Bay lithium mine with 271 conditions

January 16, 2023  

South Korea president, in UAE, backs return to nuclear power

January 15, 2023  

Fees for new EV charging stations set by Huron County

January 14, 2023  

Study: Exxon Mobil accurately predicted warming since 1970s

January 13, 2023  

How technology used by NASA on Mars could reduce emissions from Canada’s oilsands

January 9, 2023  

CES 2023: Companies tout environmental tech innovations

January 9, 2023  

Energy price volatility to continue in 2023 amid geopolitical uncertainty: Deloitte

January 4, 2023  

Do you have fugitive materials on the loose?

January 2, 2023  

An activist in office: Steven Guilbeault’s first year as environment minister

January 2, 2023  

Ontario plunging into energy storage as electricity supply crunch looms

January 2, 2023  

Restaurants debut new takeout ware amid phase in of single use plastics ban

December 13, 2022  

Fusion breakthrough could be climate, energy game changer

December 12, 2022  

How Canada’s northern territories are working to reduce reliance on diesel for power

December 12, 2022  

Get tough with Canada over cross border mining contaminants, First Nations tell U.S.

December 11, 2022  

Federal data: Kansas oil spill biggest in Keystone history

December 5, 2022  

BASF to restore polluted Superfund site in New Jersey

December 5, 2022  

Canada’s top five federal contaminated sites to cost taxpayers billions to clean up

November 25, 2022  

Government of Canada and FCM support asset management in Newfoundland and Labrador communities

November 22, 2022  

Appleton Baymaster

November 14, 2022  

Germany, Poland take over natural gas firms tied to Russia

November 14, 2022  

Environment minister says emissions cap on oil and gas expected by end of 2023

November 14, 2022  

Government of Alberta invests to help the province’s industrial sector reduce emissions