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Process Insights offers remote connected 24/7 service

September 7, 2021 | By Maryam Farag

Photo: Process Insights Inc.

Photo: Process Insights Inc.

Process Insights Inc. has enhanced its customer support with the launch of GO Remote Connected Service (GO).

Customers will benefit from this service by being able to access industry-specific technical support from a team of experts from any device.

The service works on multiple smart devices, including Realwear. It is configurable and customizable to individual specific requirements. Operating remotely allows technicians to access real-time monitoring, analysis, and status of systems.

“GO Remote Connected Service has completely changed the way we help customers around the globe, providing a faster, more efficient and productive service as well as being able to identify problems before they become major threats to the facility.” said Joe Schwab, Chief ComPMmercial Officer, Process Insights.


This preventative maintenance solution means that potential major malfunctions can be identified in advance, reducing the need for unexpected shutdowns in industrial facilities, also sparing personnel and travel expense.

“We have best-in-class experts on hand to help with emergency support, as well as general advice and maintenance. This all leads to seamless, proactive support where and when needed, and affords our customers immediate access to our experts.  It’s all about reducing downtime.” said Scott Fleishner, General Manager – The Americas, Process Insights.




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