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Eviosys to deliver smart, sustainable packaging solutions

Maryam Farag   

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Eviosys, a metal packaging manufacturer, launched as a newly-formed, independent company.

“This is an incredibly exciting moment for the packaging industry. Eviosys combines 200 years of experience in preserving products and promoting brands, with a future focus on innovating to protect the planet. With the business’s extensive footprint across EMEA, the launch of Eviosys means a true step-change for the entire industry that will lead to smart, sustainable packaging for all.” said Tomás López, CEO, Eviosys.

Eviosys, with seven design studios and three laboratories across Europe, will continue its role in smart packaging solutions.

“With our focus on smart sustainable packaging, Eviosys will take a confident step towards making products fit for our customers, end consumers and the planet.  That means clever design solutions and uncompromising quality, with sustainability at the very heart.” said Laetitia Durafour, Director of Marketing, Eviosys.



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