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Zurn introduces line of smart restrooms

Maryam Farag   

Facilities Maintenance Industry Utilities

Photo: Zurn.

Zurn introduces new Connected product line that integrates restrooms of large facilities into the smart building.

It consists of faucets, flush valves, and backflow preventers, and uses a series of sensors to monitor performance and water use, then analyzes the data to deliver real-time insights on the status of plumbing and fixtures in the building.

“Connected products are a real game changer for facility owners and managers,” said Adam Findlay, Digital Sales Manager, Zurn. “Our users are able to manage water and human resources more efficiently and can identify and address small problems before they become big issues, which can ultimately lead to a significant savings over the life cycle of the product.”

Facility managers can schedule maintenance and track trends with real-time information about activations and water usage. They can also invite other employees into the online portal to keep staff up-to-date and on task.







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