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Wolseley Canada offers tips for furnace operations

Maryam Farag   

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Wolseley Canada, a home HVAC systems and maintenance company, offers the following tips for optimal furnace operation while house-bound:

  • Get an inspection — It is good to know where you stand, especially if you have an older furnace. A professional can assess the system, ensure everything is in working order and advise of a path forward. They may also recommend an upgrade, giving you an efficient furnace that will not only use less energy, but will also do a better job of removing pet dander, dust, pollen, bacteria and other pathogens in your home’s air.


  • Let the professionals handle it — There was a time when it was recommended that you change your furnace filter regularly. It means trekking to the local hardware store, hoping to grab the right filter and then swapping it out yourself. Today, there are companies that offer service programs that take the worry (and work) out of the homeowner’s hands. They will change your filter and ensure that everything is in place to keep your house warm and air clean throughout the winter months.


  • Clear the vents — Little thought is given to the furnace vent (this is likely a white PVC pipe coming out of your house just above ground level), but if it is blocked it can be a carbon monoxide hazard. It is a good idea to make sure that the vent is clear of obstructions and free of rodents and birds’ nests. Additionally, it is really important that you check these regularly in the winter to ensure that they are clear of ice and snow.


  • Battery test — In a modern furnace system — particularly if it is part of your home network — the thermostat is going to be two things: wireless and battery powered. Check the batteries and ensure there are backups on hand specifically for the thermostat.



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