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PEMAC Announces New Asset Management Awards

June 8, 2020 | By Mario Cywinski

Photo: PEMAC.

PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada announced two new asset management awards. The Asset Management Leadership Award, which is an individual award, and the Asset Management Achievement Award, which is a team award

Asset Management Leadership Award
This award honours professionals making holistic contributions to the field of asset management in Canada. These contributions enable other professionals to progress towards greater asset management achievements. This award recognizes contributions to the field of asset management as a whole, and celebrates an individual who inspires the advancement of improved asset management in Canada.

Asset Management Achievement Award
This award celebrates teams that recognize organization that have made steps towards the goal of betterment of asset management practices. These organizations may not have reached their goal but have the core fundamentals in place and are making progress through the development of elements such as a policy, a framework, an AM plan, an asset register, amp, a risk management program, or a preventative maintenance program for example.

Nominations for both award are being accepted until July 31.




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