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Parker Hannifin patents metal seal design for extreme temperatures

November 30, 2016 | By Rehana Begg

Columbus, Ohio – U.S. Patent No. 9,453,600, for a new stainless steel flat face sealing ring for use with tube fittings in extreme temperature applications, was recently issued to Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies.

The new seal design was developed by engineers at the Parker Tube Fittings Division and is a principal design feature of the Parker Seal-Lok Xtreme line of flat face seal fittings. This innovative metal seal is used in place of elastomeric O-rings in traditional O-ring face seal fittings (ORFS) that cannot meet the high- and low-temperature or chemical compatibility requirements of certain applications.The patent describes an “Extreme Temperature Device for Flat Face Seal Fitting.” The unique trap-style seal has three retainers (clips) that extend into the existing fitting’s O-ring groove, preventing the seal from falling out during assembly or reassembly. “We saw a need for the benefits of ORFS fittings in applications where the thermal and chemical compatibility properties of elastomeric O-rings were limiting factors,” said Burleigh Bailey, patent co-author and Parker Senior Project Engineer.

“These metal seals can be used in applications from -328°F to +1200°F (-200°C to +650°C) while elastomeric O-ring seals are limited to a temperature range of -65°F to +450°F (-54°C to +232°C).”

Parker’s patented innovation of this new metal sealing ring now offers the advantages of ORFS fittings (zero clearance, vibration tolerance, ease of assembly and reassembly) and provides a complete solution for demanding applications such as combustion turbines, liquid natural gas (LNG) storage and fueling systems, cryogenic equipment, high-temperature engine compartments, instrument panels and chemical process equipment.

Seal-Lok Xtreme fittings are highly vibration resistant and compatible with working pressures greater than 5,000 psi (350 bar) depending on the fitting size. Parker also offers a patented SAE J1926-compliant port end seal, referred to as SAE metal seal, for its Seal-Lok Xtreme product line


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