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H2W Technologies angle torque motor

Maryam Farag   

Machinery and Equipment Maintenance Manufacturing product

Photo: H2W Technologies.

The TMR-075-16-001-2 Limited Angle Torque Motor utilizes a toroidally wound, stationary, coil assembly with a two-pole permanent magnet rotor to generate torque.

The permanent magnet rotor always has an even number of poles, with two to six poles. The maximum angular excursion with a two-pole rotor is 180º, but the torque will drop off to zero at the extents of the travel. This model has a constant torque over a range of 75° or 1.31 radians.

This style of torque motor is a kit style, which eliminates the need to align multiple bearings. Kit style actuators allow the motor to be installed in the existing system with built-in clearances to make the alignment easier during the integration process.

The low-profile nature of this actuator allows for the torque to be generated in a thickness of 0.40” [10.2 mm], and an overall outside diameter of 1.60” [40.6 mm].




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