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Festo pneumatic cylinder for cheese making

Maryam Farag   

Industry Machinery and Equipment Maintenance Manufacturing product

Photo: Festo.

Festo introduced an application-specific pneumatic cylinder, Festo CRD, for cheese presses in large operations and low-volume artisanal cheese making. 

The stainless-steel outer body of the Festo CRD cylinder represents the latest in sanitary innovation. Its bell-shaped construction provides hygienic design. These cylinders are lubricated with biodegradable NSF-H1 food-safe grease that meets FDA 21 CFT 172.878 regulations.

The CRD is available in four bore sizes, with forces ranging from 3,016 N to 18,850 N at six bar. They hold pressure for the desired time to ensure precise process control, which optimizes product consistency and quality.

Festo offers the VTEM piezo operated directional valves to synchronize large banks of cylinders in automated systems, and offers CRD with a dry-running seal option for optimum operation even when harsh washdowns have dissolved cylinder lubricant. 




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