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Connectivity solutions for hazardous locations

Maryam Farag   

Machinery and Equipment Maintenance Manufacturing MRO product Safety

Photo: Mencom.

Mencom Hazardous Location Connectors series is designed to meet stringent electrical requirements for protection under Class I Division 2 environments and certified by Underwriters’ Laboratories.

‘Class I’ is defined as a hazardous location in which flammable gas or vapour may be present in sufficient quantities to be considered ignitable or explosive. ‘Division 2’ is defined as an area that is not likely to contain dangerous concentrations of flammable substances in closed containers.

The part numbers for the hazard location connectors will have an ‘H2’ prefix (e.g. MIN-3FP-3 becomes H2MIN-3FP-3) that distinguishes them from existing Mencom SKUs. These connectors are available for most Mencom circular connectors series such as MIN & PMIN Series, MIL-SPEC series, M23, M12, NAN M8, and Networks. They are rated IP65 (minimum) to IP67 (IP69), providing protection against ingress of dust, water jet and steam.

Mencom offers a locking mechanism for the MIN Size I (7/8”) and PMIN (1 3/8”) series to protect the connection that prevents unexpected interruptions between two straight plugs or between a straight plug and a mating receptacle.



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