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Photo: Teledyne

Teledyne DALSA, announce its Linea HS 16k backside illuminated (BSI) TDI camera is in production. This camera offers enhanced sensitivity and is ideal for near ultraviolet and visible imaging applications, and photoluminescence and life science imaging.

Linea HS 16k BSI uses Teledyne DALSA’s charge-domain CMOS TDI 16k sensor with a 5×5 μm pixel size and delivers a maximum line rate of 400 kHz aggregate. Compared with front side illumination (FSI), the BSI model improves quantum efficiency in the near ultraviolet and visible wavelengths and boosts signal-to-noise ratio for imaging applications in light starved conditions.

The Linea HS 16k BSI camera uses a CLHS data interface that delivers 6.5GPix/sec data throughput in a single cable. An active optical cable enables a longer cable length, which eliminates the need for a repeater, significantly improving data reliability and reducing system costs.




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