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Valley Natural Foods to Open New Meat Processing Plant to Meet Growing Demand in Southern Minnesota

July 7, 2016
By Business Wire News


Burnsville-based Valley Natural Foods today announced it will open Valley Natural Meats, Inc., a $2 million wholesale meat processing plant in Northfield, Minn. Valley Natural Foods acquired 16 acres of land, including a building that will be retrofitted to meet the growing demand of livestock producers and serve the needs of family farms in 10 Southern Minnesota counties.

Valley Natural Meats, a subsidiary of Valley Natural Foods, will feature a 4,400-square-foot MDA- and organic-certified meat processing plant and 4,000-square-foot holding barn. The plant also will manufacture specialty and smoked and cured meats, jerky, hams and sausages for wholesale and retail customers. The company holds a permit to later add two 30×70-foot, hoop-type buildings for growing plants, herbs and flowers.

“Our new processing facility will be different from most smaller, niche plants in that it will process naturally and humanely raised, grass and organic-grain fed, locally produced meats, and will be one of a few certified, organic multi-species beef and meat processors in the entire state,” said Jason Harstad, CEO of Valley Natural Meats, who also currently manages Valley Natural Food’s meat and seafood department and guides the development of its Down In The Valley brand meats.

According to data from the Wallace Center, since 2007, the demand for grass-fed and organic meat and meat products has grown 30 percent. Grass-fed beef will comprise up to 40 percent of the total beef market sector within the next 10 years, with increasing consumer demand and interest in locally produced and processed meat products.

Located at 1595 57th St. W in Northfield, Valley Natural Meats will begin operations later this year by processing approximately 25 head per day, including cattle and hogs. Phase two operations, planned for 2017, will include becoming USDA-certified to allow the sale of products outside of Minnesota and the processing of lamb and goats. Long-term processing of deer and bison is planned for 2018. Phase one construction will begin this August and is expected to be completed and operational in November 2016.

“In Minnesota, particularly the South Central and Southwestern areas of the state, direct-market producers are faced with a lack of local processing capacity. This requires farmers to reserve processing time up to six months in advance, often resulting in the animals being ‘past prime’ for processing, and causing instability of supplying their retail/wholesale channels,” said Harstad. “In addition, longer transport distances to processing facilities increases cost to the producers and can affect the health and quality of the animals. Given these conditions, we believe Valley Natural Meats can share and effectively manage the organic, natural market.”

Prior to joining Valley Natural Foods in 2010, Harstad served as the production supervisor at Husnik Meats. He also was the meat and seafood manager at SUPERVALU, where he received extensive training under the tutelage of Master Butcher Boyd Johnson. At SUPERVALU, he oversaw all phases of processing, including abattoir and retail sales, product development and management.

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Since 1977, Valley Natural Foods ( has served the southern Twin Cities metro with a healthy, broad selection of organic, local and natural products within its grocery, produce, meat and deli departments.Based in Burnsville, Minn. and owned by more than 11,000 members, the coop has two “Down in the Valley” wholesale labels, which feature organic-certified and gluten-free products.

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