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Thermal Processing Expert Alexander Kraemer Provides Biosolids Drying Technology Workshop for New York Water Environment Association

March 11, 2015
By Business Wire News


Therma-Flite announced today that Alexander Kraemer, regarded as an expert in biosolids drying technology, will serve as a workshop leader for three events during the New York Water Environment Association, (NYWEA) education and training programs for 2015.

Each of the one day training courses provides an overview of the latest technology in biosolids drying including a comparison of low, medium and high-temperature drying. Using case study examples Mr. Kraemer will outline effective and sustainable strategies for the production of Class A and B biosolids. Comparisons will include a comprehensive walk through of different drying solutions from feed hopper through material off-take, energy calculations, as well as operation and maintenance requirements. Technologies will include active solar drying and mechanical drying using different energy sources.

The NYWEA training events provide an excellent platform to share the latest successes in the sustainable management of municipal waste water treatment biosolids. These events bring together a cross section of operators, engineers and technology providers all focused on optimizing waste water treatment plant operations. Therma-Flite, a recognized leader in resource recovery, often collaborates with industry leaders and associations with a mission to build awareness and expand the implementation of sustainable biosolids management programs.

The first of the three NYWEA Biosolids Training Sessions will be held in Syracuse, NY today March 11th. The second event will be held in Rexford (Albany) NY on May 21st and the final NYWEA workshop on Biosolids Drying Technology will be in Macedon (Rochester) NY on November 6th.

More information can be found in the NYWEA Training Course Catalog

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