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Samkwang Co., Ltd Coating Agent Neostone

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BUSAN, South Korea

Eco-friendly chemicals manufacturer Samkwang Co., Ltd that has been putting years of labor into developing and manufacturing safe inorganic ceramic coating agents in cooperation with major companies announced its release of Neostone™, the next generation ceramic coating agent for Cookware, developed by Dr. WD Cho’s R&D team. Its core technology—Non-stick encapsulation mechanism—allows Neostone™ to overcome durability limits of existing ceramic varnishes and have similar durability to that of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating.

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Since 7-8 years ago, environmental organizations, government, scholars from advanced countries in Europe and the United States have marked synthetic plastic coating agents (PTFE/fluoroplastic) as a cancer-causing harmful substance and running signature-seeking campaigns to prohibit its use. As a result, customers in advanced countries have started favoring ceramic coated cookware as an alternative.

Ceramic coating agents have been applied to cookware under eco-friendly image, but some customers still favor the existing PTFE cookware because it lasts longer and it’s easier to clean and use.

However, recent intensified legal regulations on PFASs (perfluorinated alkylated substances: chemical substance that is added to materials to increase water, oil, stain resistance) and EDC (endocrine disruptor chemicals) have attracted positive attention to Samkwang’s Neostone™ within the industry. Neostone™ is PFASs and VOC free and its ecofriendly method frees it from toxic substances such as heavy metal contents and organic volatilized solvents that existing fluorine coatings have. It also has increased durability and nonstick performance which allows healthy dietary life.

SW Shin, CEO of Samkwang Co., Ltd expressed strong confidence by saying “development of nonstick durability similar to that of PTFE was a long desired wish of ceramic developers and manufacturers all around the world. Our development of Neostone™ will open new window for cookware manufacturers who have been waiting for a PTFE substitute and will create a great sensation in the depressed Cookware industry.”

As a leading pioneer in next generation eco-friendly ceramic coating technology, there is a high expectation for Samkwang to become a company that provides safe and convenient life for its customers.

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