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Puris Introduces “Puris 5+™”

May 17, 2016
By Business Wire News


Puris, LLC ( announced today that it has filed a patent for Puris 5+TM, a proprietary, new Titanium powder formulation specifically designed to meet the demands of additive manufacturing.

Recognizing the market need for a high-strength, low-oxygen formulation Puris’ powder metallurgists developed Puris 5+, a custom composition of Ti-6Al-4V that meets all the specifications of Grade 5.

Typically additive manufacturers seek to balance the oxygen levels needed to obtain the desired strength properties with the increases in oxygen levels inherent in some additive-manufacturing processes. This creates a challenge in laser melt or e-beam direct melt 3D printing, as both processes experience increases in oxygen content with each recycle of excess powder from the build box. By starting with Puris 5+ customers can manage this balance of oxygen and strength better throughout the life cycle of the Titanium powder.

“The introduction of low-oxygen, high-strength Grade 5 Titanium powder represents a major breakthrough that equips our customers to better control the oxygen pickup inherent in their processes. The result is more efficient utilization without compromising powder strength,” Puris CEO Craig Kirsch said.

“Puris 5+ is an exciting example of our company’s continuing leadership in advanced Titanium powder for additive manufacturing, made possible by our deep metallurgy and powder metallurgy expertise,” Kirsch added. “The efficacy of AM ultimately depends on such powder quality and advancements.”

About Puris, LLC

Puris, LLC is among the world’s leading producers of Titanium powder for additive manufacturing. The Puris team includes leaders in powder metallurgy and pioneers in spherical titanium powder gas atomization. The company’s innovative technology and processes promote safe use of high-quality, available and affordable metal powder for aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and oil and gas. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter (@PurisLLC) and Linked In.

Puris 5+ is a trademark of Puris, LLC.

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