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Perteet Selects Pavia Systems’ HeadLight Tool for Construction Management

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Perteet Inc., an employee-owned consulting firm made up of engineers, planners and surveyors, recently announced its partnership with Pavia Systems of Seattle, WA. Perteet will utilize the new Pavia technology tool called HeadLight; HeadLight provides for digital inspection by construction agencies and inspectors to instantly record and distribute inspection information electronically directly from the road construction site using a mobile device.

Perteet recognizes the value and significance of this digital way of managing inspections compared to the current, manual process. As a result, Perteet has chosen to include the HeadLight tool as a part of the construction management consulting services package for current and prospective clients’ projects. The partnership is designed to improve construction upgrades to roads and bridges through an easier, more effective, and less costly way for their teams to perform project inspections in the field, which will enhance the quality of life in the communities Perteet and Pavia serve. Additionally, since documents by road inspectors will be transmitted quicker and without delay, it will reduce road inspection costs.

“Perteet operates in a culture of innovation. We believe HeadLight has forever changed the project inspection process for the better and our full adoption of the technology will enhance our municipal customers’ experience by providing a real-time view into their projects,” said Perteet’s CEO, Crystal Donner. “HeadLight packages some of the best technologies available to our industry today in one intuitive and cost-effective package.”

HeadLight will be fully implemented and offered in addition to the full range of services that Perteet provides which includes, but is not limited to, transportation planning, land surveying, transit planning, traffic engineering, transportation design, environmental compliance and permitting, emergency management, surface water and storm water, urban design, utility and site design, and construction services.

“We are honored to work with an innovative company like Perteet as they integrate HeadLight as a part of the complete services package to construction management teams,” said George White, chief executive officer and co-founder of Pavia Systems. “Helping our customers use technology to deliver better outcomes for the traveling public is core to our mission at Pavia.”

Perteet’s partnership with Pavia Systems empowers engineers to continuously improve the quality of construction management service and build the foundation of a long-lasting community.

About Perteet

Perteet Inc. is a 100% employee-owned, multidisciplinary engineering firm focused on enhancing the quality of life in Washington State by solving transportation and infrastructure challenges that make our communities function more efficiently, safer and better. With offices in Everett, Seattle, Ellensburg, and Snoqualmie, Perteet provides a wide range of civil and transportation engineering services including construction management, transportation design, transportation planning, traffic engineering, civil and site development, surveying, environmental, and emergency management services. For additional information, please visit the Perteet website at

About Pavia Systems

Pavia Systems, founded in 2005, is a software technology company specializing in the transportation infrastructure industry. Our award-winning solutions provide clients with the tools they need to implement their projects electronically. Products include mobile applications for project inspection, pavement applications like gradation testing, moisture susceptibility, and flexural fatigue, to name a few. Our customers include large departments of transportation, contractors, equipment manufacturers, and industry-related materials companies. For additional information, please visit the Pavia Systems website at

Media Contact for Perteet:
Perteet Inc.
Crystal Donner, PE
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Media Contact for Pavia Systems:
Tony Vignieri
(619) 817-8912


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