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PakSense Announces AutoSense Facility, Powered by Controlant

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PakSense, Inc. a provider of continuous environmental monitoring solutions for all segments of the supply chain, announced today at the United Fresh annual conference (Booth #2019) the launch of AutoSense Facility Monitoring. Launched in conjunction with PakSense strategic partner Controlant, this system monitors temperatures in stationary areas such as storage and processing facilities, walk-in coolers and freezers, and cold cases. The system is completely wireless and uses gateways that connect to the Cloud using cellular connectivity.

“There is minimal impact on existing networks with this drop-in cellular system,” said David Oster, CEO at PakSense. “AutoSense Facility also proactively alerts users of temperature excursions via email or text and provides automated compliance reporting.”

AutoSense Facility utilizes fixed wireless (RF 915MHz) sensors that communicate continuously with a gateway. All data is uploaded to the centralized cloud database where proactive out-of-range alerts and reports are automatically generated and delivered. As part of the self-auditing watchdog system, all gateways include a 10 hour battery back-up that keeps the system live in the event of a power failure.

The system is extensible and easily upgraded. The same gateways used in facility monitoring can be leveraged as part of an outbound temperature monitoring program providing continuous visibility of the supply chain.

AutoSense Facility Monitoring has been named a finalist for the United Fresh 2015 New Product Awards for Best New Food Safety Solution. For a demonstration, stop by booth #2019 at the United Fresh convention or contact PakSense at +1-208-489-9010 or for an online demonstration.

About PakSense

PakSense is a market leader in the development of intelligent sensing products specifically designed to monitor perishable goods. PakSense products help manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers determine the quality and safety of food, pharmaceutical, medical, and other environmentally sensitive products. PakSense products are in use in over 75 countries. More information is available on the web at or by calling +1-208-489-9010.

About Controlant

Controlant is focused on the development of wireless automatic asset tracking and monitoring of perishable goods. Located in Reykjavík, Iceland, Controlant has close ties to the University of Iceland and solutions have been partly funded by the Icelandic Technology Development Fund. The Company has an established subsidiary in Denmark, carries out activities in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, and works with strategic partner PakSense to sell and service its solutions in the Americas.

*PakSense is a trademark of PakSense, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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