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New Release of Exact Macola 10 Helps Automate Operations for Manufacturing and Distribution Organizations

July 1, 2015
By Business Wire News


Exact, a leading provider of business software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), releases the newest version of Exact Macola 10 adding multiple enhancements to help automate operations for manufacturing and distribution organizations.

“We got an early peek of Exact Macola 10.2 at Exact Macola Evolve 2015, and we’re excited about how web services can expedite processes to save time and money,” said Don McCall, IT Director, G.L. Mezzetta. “It’s great to see Exact responding to market demands by building relevant and worthwhile solutions to address real user issues.”

Transitioning to web services and an object oriented architecture continues to be an integral part of Exact Macola 10. Web services provide web and mobile interfaces, giving organizations the toolset to make integrations with their existing environments simpler and cheaper. Another benefit of web services is automation and by connecting the functions of multiple objects, organizations can accomplish automation much faster than creating each piece from scratch.

Exact Macola 10.2 helps organizations simplify and automate through:

  • Order Entryas a Web Service – Order entry as a web service enables organizations to accept orders from virtually any front-end software and send directly to the Exact Macola system. By entering orders as a web service, manual steps are removed from the process – reducing costly errors and mistakes as well as reducing employee time.
  • Accounts Payable as a Web Service – Similar to order entry, with accounts payable as a web service, users can automate hours of manual entry by sending information directly to the Exact Macola system. In addition to time savings, this also reduces the potential for human error.
  • Launching Web Servicesfrom a Workflow – Workflows are a central component of an Exact Macola 10 deployment which streamline any process. Organizations now have the ability to kick off a web service as a step in the workflow – giving even more power to a defined process than before.
  • 40 Pre-Configured Workspaces – Personalized Workspaces provide users with an intuitive experience, including relevant functions and visibility into role-specific critical information, enabling users to reduce the amount of time performing tasks. Users can now consume the 40 pre-configured workspaces as they have been developed or use the workspaces as starting points for their own customized designs.

“Manufacturing and distribution organization are working hard every day to meet the increasing expectations of their customers and automation is key to successfully improving productivity and response times,” said Alison Forsythe, managing director at Exact Macola. “We are committed to helping our customers exceed these expectations and grow their businesses by providing their employees with business software that enables the most efficient processes possible.”

About Exact

Vigorous business software. That’s what Exact builds. For more than 200,000 businesses around the world. For entrepreneurial doers who dare and, if they fall, always get up again. Exact breathes that same spirit. Thirty years ago a garage start-up by six students, now a global company, employing 1,550 people in 15 countries with revenues of € 188 million in 2014.

With Exact, businesses can quickly respond to shifting market conditions and grasp opportunities with both hands when they arise. Our business software enables customers to focus on their next goal, and look ahead to the next challenge.

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