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Ness Appoints Chief Technology Officer

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To help its customers unleash their maximum potential in the disruptive digital economy, Ness Software Engineering Services (SES) has formed a new technology and innovation team, headed by Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Moshe Kranc.

Kranc will oversee an experienced and forward-thinking team that includes a chief engineer, chief innovation officer and chief solutions officer. The group is charged with helping enterprises envision, implement and evolve new technologies and transformative business models. This team will collaborate on new technologies, processes, skills and client solutions that ensure Ness SES remains the partner of choice for companies seeking to realize their full potential in a dynamic digital economy.

“We realize that the greatest value we bring to customers comes in the form of new ideas and approaches to solving complex problems or seizing new opportunities,” said Paul Lombardo, Ness SES CEO. “By establishing a team that is focused on what is next in the digital economy, we see ourselves as more than experts in software engineering, user experience and data analytics – we believe that we’re a ‘provider of record’ for ongoing digital transformation.”

“Whether they’re building out an entirely new mobile business platform or designing a customer experience of the future, our customers want us to be thinking about what’s next for them, and this ‘dream team’ is uniquely capable of doing that,” said Moshe Kranc. “It’s our job to bring new ideas, concepts, technologies, and talent forward, embed them into our own processes and then deliver them to customers so that they can thrive financially in the evolving digital economy.”

In addition to Kranc, who previously served as Chief Data Officer for Ness SES, the new group includes: Dipankar Ganguly, chief engineer; Kuruvilla Mathew, chief innovation officer; and Rajeev Sharma, chief solutions officer.

About Ness Software Engineering Services (SES)

Ness Software Engineering Services (SES) is a premier provider of outsourced engineering services. Ness SES helps organizations compete and grow in today’s digital economy by providing deep expertise in products and platforms, data and analytics, and experience engineering. With access to world-class software engineering resources, Ness SES’s clients create advanced, new products and services, enter new markets, win new customers, and streamline operations to radically reduce costs. Ness SES delivers consumer-grade experiences with commercial-grade quality and stability through its global delivery model that offers the flexibility and efficiencies of on-site, on-shore, near-shore and off-shore sourcing, leveraging sophisticated distributed Agile techniques. Visit for more information.

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