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MILLSTAR Five-Axis Machining: the CNC Machining Center Solutions

August 24, 2015
By Business Wire News


CNC Machining Center Solutions plays a key role among MILLSTAR’s various products. Multi-axis machining is a manufacturing process where the computer numerically controlls tools that move in four or more ways and is used to manufacture parts out of metal or other materials by milling away excess materials.

Five-axis machining is among the outstanding ones. The major benefit of five-axis machining is the ability to process different angles in the same manufacturing process. Another important advantage of five-axis machining is that it enables shorter cutting tools to be used since the head can be lowered towards the job and the cutter oriented towards the surface. Five-axis machining center is designed to provide flexibility for a range of applications including machining of light metals and heavy-duty cutting. It is said to be precise and reliable while maintaining productivity, even near limits. Our five-axis machining solutions are ideal for the rotary machining of automotive and aerospace components such as camshafts, crankshafts and blades, as well as the production of rotary dies and components for the oil & gas industry.


MILLSTAR, a Taiwan manufacturer, has carried metal cutting solutions for the difficulties confronting all businesses. The arrangements that take after are consolidated into almost every part of the daily life and they are heavily applied from aviation to nourishment preparing, medical to mining, transportation to energy, and much more.

It is a one-stop manufacturing and supplying chain. With our five jointed companies including MILLSTAR, HyDex, ROYAL, PARKSON, and HARDY in the business, we provide one-stop service to our world-wide customers. Our approach focuses on generating values for our customers, understanding the way they work and their production requirements. Our methodology concentrates on quality horizontal machining centers, rotary tables, tool magazines, cutting tools, and spindles produced and each is produced by MILLSTAR, HyDex, ROYAL, PARKSON, and HARDY respectively.

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