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MHG CEO Paul Pereira Announces Executive Office Opening in Gateway City, Miami

July 7, 2015
By Business Wire News


Today, Biopolymer Company MHG’s CEO, Paul Pereira announced that the company will be opening their executive offices in Miami. The office is set to open this month, and will be located in the 1450 Brickell Building, Suite 2180.

Miami was chosen for its position as a gateway city to not only North America but also between Europe and South America, providing a strategic location not offered anywhere else in the United States. The city is also easily accessible by air and sea with the Miami International Airport providing non-stop flights to and from ninety-five foreign destinations. With its large international business presence and recognition as the second largest financial hub in the United States, Miami will provide MHG with tremendous opportunities to meet with corporations from around the world.

“We are very excited to be here and also enthusiastic about the warm reception prominent members of the South Florida business community including Hernando Gomez from the Miami Chamber of Commerce have given us,” remarked Pereira. “Plastic pollution is a global problem that the entire world is facing and will continue facing for years to come. We believe that opening our new executive offices in a global gateway like Miami will position us better for the future. There are more than 1,400 multinational businesses with offices there, in addition to many major domestic corporations. Miami is a key strategic location to have a presence in.”

MHG will share the thirty-five story building at 1450 Brickell Avenue with other major businesses including JPMorgan Chase, American Express, H.J. Heinz Co. and Longchamp USA. The building is located in the heart of Miami’s Financial District. All parties who are interested in meeting with the company at the new location may request an appointment by calling 229.243.7075.

“Interestingly,” comments Pereira, “Ramon Llorens and Amkin Group, the owner of the 1450 Brickell Building, is a shareholder/stakeholder in MHG and is the first of a pipeline of Miami investors excited about partnering with MHG.”

MHG has recently made great strides in the bioplastics industries. In April of 2015, the company became the first ever to receive a Certification for Marine Biodegradability for biopolymers from accredited inspection and certification organization, Vinçotte. Additionally, MHG is working with tackle company, Rat-L-Trap to bring the first ever one hundred percent biodegradable freshwater lures to the fishing industry.

MHG has also recently entered an arrangement with the University of Georgia to expand research and development capabilities by opening their own specialty lab at the campus, and gain access to the University’s unique resources to further advance formulas to meet customer’s needs.

To learn more about the company, please visit the website Be sure to follow the company on Facebook (MHG), Linkedin (MHG (Meredian Holdings Group)), and Twitter (@MHGbio) to stay up to date regarding latest news with the company and in the industry. The company also has a Youtube channel and Pinterest page providing great visuals of the events and progress at the facility.

About MHG:

Meredian Holdings Group, Inc., also known as MHG, is the holding company of Meredian Inc., a recognized world leader in the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) and DaniMer Scientific, L.L.C., a specialist in the customization of biopolymer formulations that combine PHA, PLA and other biopolymers through a proprietary reactive extrusion process. Supported by a world-class group of dedicated, highly skilled team members, MHG offers a comprehensive selection of biopolymers that support the company’s core values of utilizing sustainable and renewable bioplastics to improve people’s lives at work and home. MHG and its subsidiaries currently own more than 125 patents across nearly 20 countries.MHG is headquartered in Bainbridge, Ga.

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