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Larson Electronics Releases 150 Watt LED Temporary Manhole Mount Explosion Proof Light

July 13, 2015
By Business Wire News

KEMP, Texas

With over 40 years as a leader in the industrial and commercial lighting industry, Larson Electronics announces the release of a 150 watt explosion proof LED temporary manhole mount light fixture.

The MMLP-150LED-RT-12P temporary manhole mount LED light fixture provides operators with a powerful and highly convenient alternative to traditional string or tank lights. Featuring LED technology, an innovative 21” man-way support bracket, and compact design, this lamp is an excellent lighting solution for operators working within storage tanks and rail-cars. This Class 1 and 2, Division 1 and 2 light provides 13,000 lumens of high quality light while drawing only 150 watts of power. This explosion proof light is attached to a 21” supporting plate which allows the light fixture to hang down 12” inside the tank while the supporting plate rests on the lip of a man-way opening. This light fixture is IP67 rated, dust-proof, and protected against high pressure jets and temporary submersion. The cast aluminum body and LED lamp give this light excellent durability and resistance to vibration and impacts. The housing is specially designed to dissipate heat which increases the efficiency and lifespan of the LEDs and electronics. This fixture contains twelve individual boards configured in a series of banks. Each bank contains two boards with an individual driver. In the event of a driver failure, only one bank of LEDs will be affected while the other banks will continue to operate. In the event of an LED failure, the mating LED will continue to operate. This light is universal voltage capable and can be operated with 100-277 volts AC.

“This new tank light offers excellent convenience and effectiveness with a 21” manhole mounting support bracket that eliminates the need for special mounting fixtures or cumbersome string light systems,” said Rob Bresnahan with “Backed by a five year warranty, this fixture is guaranteed to provide an operator with a bright, reliable source of illumination.”

Larson Electronics carries an extensive line of explosion proof lights, hazardous location lights, and explosion proof tank lights. You can view Larson Electronics’ entire line of explosion proof lighting at Larson Electronics can be reached directly by calling 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.

Larson Electronics
Robert Bresnahan, 1-800-369-6671