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FROM ISETAN TO THE WORLD: ISETAN SHOES (*) Seeking to Change Your Life from Shinjuku to the World with ISETAN SHOES

January 14, 2016
By PRN NewsWire

ISETAN SHOES to Debut at Premiere Classe Opening in Paris from Jan. 22

TOKYO, Jan. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. will participate for the first time in Premiere Classe opening in Paris on Jan. 22, 2016. Isetan Mitsukoshi, the operator of one of Japan’s largest department store networks, will present its world view which is expressed by its “this is japan.” corporate message. Our products, services and shop dressing on display will allow people in the world to feel values created by Japanese culture, tradition and people’s aesthetic consciousness.

We will take advantage of artisanship it has nurtured by producing “NUMBER TWENTY-ONE,” the company’s ladies’ shoe brand that originated at the Isetan Shinjuku Main Store to display about 200 stock-keeping units as the “ISETAN SHOES” (*1).

(*1) ISETAN SHOES is not an official brand name; it will represent the lineup displayed at Premiere Classe.

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About ISETAN SHOES to be displayed at Premiere Classe- Period: January 22-25- Venue: F140 (booth), HALL3, Porte de Versailles

Under the themes “FROM ISETAN TO THE WORLD” and “Change your life from Shinjuku to the world with ISETAN SHOES,” the ISETAN SHOES lineup consists mainly of well-designed and easy-to-wear Japanese-made shoes. The company has succeeded in producing original ladies’ shoes in a new genre, including those that reflect the creators’ world view.

1. Collaboration with the following brands, including:

– FACETASMWe are collaborating with FACETASM, a brand that showed outstanding performances in the Milan Collection and Tokyo Collection, in offering new styles of shoes produced in Tokyo.

– newneu.newneu. is distinctive in that its Velcro shoes can be decorated with customers’ favorite fur and accessories such as bijous.

CREATOR’S TOKYO, a team of budding designers who has drawn worldwide attention.Brands: doublet, CINOH, IN-PROCESS, LOKITHO, YUKIHERO PRO-WRESTLING

2. We have developed easy-to-wear, high-quality shoes in collaboration with Toray and Kuraray by pursuing beauty and functionality. These shoes use Toray’s Ultrasuede and materials developed by Isetan Mitsukoshi with Kuraray to create beautiful curves of shoes.

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