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Fort Irwin Expands Adoption of Real Time Access Control with Contract for Intellicheck Mobilisa’s Defense ID

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Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. (NYSE MKT:IDN), a leader in real-time identity authentication and validation solutions, today announced it has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Army’s Fort Irwin for additional units of the company’s leading-edge Defense ID® technology. Fort Irwin will enhance base-wide security using Defense ID®‘s rules-based, real-time identification authentication solution, which is capable of being deployed on both mobile devices and within the existing fixed infrastructure. The additional units will increase the capability of base security personnel to instantly check and authenticate the identity of every individual who seeks access to the Army base, and enable situational and customized access depending upon external threat activities and scheduled visitation.

Located in the Mohave Desert in California, Fort Irwin is roughly the size of Rhode Island and encompasses over 1,000 miles for ranges and maneuvers. The base is home to the National Training Center, which provides tough, realistic, joint and combined arms training focused at the battalion task force and brigade levels. It assists commanders in developing trained, competent leaders and soldiers. All U.S. troops from all military services receive training at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin before deploying overseas.

Defense ID® technology scans and authenticates drivers’ licenses from all 50 U.S. states and Canada, as well as military and other identification documents issued by government agencies. Defense ID® alerts security officers in real time of a potential threat by comparing a visitor’s identification card information with information available from public and government data sources. The system then determines if the identification is fake or stolen, whether the person is on Be-On-the-Look-Out (BOLO) lists, the subject of law enforcement wants and warrants, or listed for military base debarments and driving suspensions. In addition, rules-based decision support, such as time and place base-wide rules, limitations and facilities access limitations integrated through custom databases, means the technology has the additional capability of alerting security personnel when a rules violation has occurred, which can signal a potential security threat. Defense ID® ‘s mobile enabling technology ensures that base personnel have maximum flexibility to go anywhere and everywhere as a security check requirement emerges.

Intellicheck Mobilisa CEO Dr. William Roof explained, “Unlike competitive solutionsthat lack real-time capabilities on both mobile and existing infrastructures, our proventechnology solutions deliver immediate situational awareness for authorities that encounter unknown individuals and must be able to accurately and precisely authenticate identity credentials based upon customizable rules-based criteria. We see ongoing expansion potential in the military community as a positive factor in revenue growth as the Army continues to require heightened awareness identity authentication systems.”

Speaking to the newly expanded relationship with Fort Irwin, Dr. Roof commented, “We are honored to extend our partnership with the U.S. Army to augment its ability to provide security enforcement personnel with our rigorous technology. The benefits of Defense ID® offer the defense community a demonstrated, advanced level of security for on-base military personnel, their families and civilian employees.” The Defense ID® technology is currently in use at 23 military installations and 16 U.S. ports across the country.

Intellicheck Mobilisa holds 20 patents pertaining to identification technology. Its real-time identity authentication and validation solutions support customers in the national defense, law enforcement, financial, retail, and hospitality markets. The Company’s products scan, authenticate and analyze components of identity documents including driver licenses, military identification cards and other government forms of identification containing magnetic stripe, barcode and smart chip information. Once extracted from the identity card, the information can be used to provide safety, security and efficiencies throughout these markets.

About Intellicheck Mobilisa

Intellicheck Mobilisa is a leader in real-time identity authentication and validation solutions. The Company holds 20 patents pertaining to identification technology. Its identity solutions support customers in the financial, retail, law enforcement, national defense and hospitality markets. The Company’s products scan, authenticate and analyze components of identity documents including driver licenses, military identification cards and other government forms of identification containing magnetic stripe, barcode and smart chip information. For more information on Intellicheck Mobilisa and ICMOBIL, please visit

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