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Exclusivity Ends on Lancer’s API 6FB Fire Test Certified Wellhead Outlet Armor Set

March 4, 2015
By Business Wire News


Lancer Systems LP, an engineering and manufacturing group specializing in composite, fiber optic, and high performance plastic technologies, today announced the end of an 18-month exclusivity agreement with a leading supplier in the oil and gas industry for Lancer’s Wellhead Outlet (WHO) exterior armor set, patent pending. In August of 2013, Lancer became the first company to pass the American Petrochemical Institute (API) 6FB certification for a fire resistant, all-optical WHO system via utilization of an insulating ceramic matrix composite (CMC) outer assembly.

The 6FB fire test qualifies against fire safety operating standards set by the API. During the test, the Lancer WHO with armor set assembly was pressurized to 7500 pounds-force per square inch (psi) and heated to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. The units were then air cooled for 30 minutes, relieved of pressure, and successfully re-pressurized to 7500 psi for another five minutes without failure. The WHO units tested utilized Lancer’s patented (US 7,500,793) metal-to-metal seal around the high temperature optical fibers, forming a heat and pressure-resilient interface.

“Lancer’s fire-proof CMC solutions provide the remarkable heat handling and insulation capabilities of standard ceramic materials, but with the added benefits of shatter and thermal shock resistance,” said Dr. Robert Cook, CMC technical lead at Lancer. “Fiber reinforced ceramics open a new realm of material properties for cutting edge product design in the harshest conditions.”

“Lancer is proud to be the first company to pass the 6FB fire test by integrating our industry leading CMC capabilities and patented Interconnect technology,” said Bill Meiklejohn, president of Lancer. “The success of the test further demonstrates Lancer’s ability and leadership in extreme environment applications using advanced technologies. We aim to continue to set the standard and work with other leaders in the oil and gas industry to help them achieve similar successes.”

About Lancer Systems

Lancer Systems creates value solutions for challenging and harsh environment applications using advanced plastic, fiber optic, and composite technologies. With engineering and manufacturing capabilities that span across our CeraComp®, fiber optic and advanced weapons & components business areas, Lancer delivers innovative solutions trusted by customers in the defense, aerospace, natural gas and oil industries. For additional information, contact Lancer Systems at 610.973.2600, email or visit our website at

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