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Crossover Experts Gather at First New Frontiers Summit at Shanghai Fashion Week

November 2, 2015
By PRN NewsWire

SHANGHAI, Nov. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — On 15 October 2015, the highlight of the Shanghai Fashion Week was the opening of the “New Frontiers” summit co-organized by Kopenhagen Fur, Shangtex and Shanghai Fashion Week. Experts in the fashion industry, scholars researching global trends, business leaders in the technology industry as well as experts in film and television gathered at the forum to discuss fashion and sustainable development in fashion as well as in other industries. The organizers invited extraordinary guests from different industries to provide new insights into new trends, opportunities and current and future challenges in the fashion industry. The “New Frontiers” summit will be a regular event that continues to explore trends in the fashion industry and contributes to a better outlook for the fashion industry.

Trend: Green fashion as an imperative

New Frontiers in consumer behavior: “A Greener Mindset” was chosen as the theme of the first “New Frontiers” summit. Acting as an important official partner, TRENDS Media Group is responsible for issuing the “China-Fashion Index-Green” rankings at the summit, showing the significance of green and sustainable development in China’s current fashion industry and the necessity for this forum.

In the 21st century, consumers take environmental protection and sustainable development into consideration when they shop, including when they shop for clothes. In recent years, the issue of environmental protection has played an active role in various fashion week shows and fashion brands, from the Green Show in New York Fashion Week to the Chanel’s Green Fashion featuring wind energy and solar energy, both linking “green” ideas and fashion closely together.

Green Development by leading scholars and masters of design

Anne Lise Kjaer, a global futurist from Denmark, initiated the discussion and hosted the summit. She reflected on whether the mode of “Green Northern Europe” would be applicable around the whole world and referred to the progress made by China in the circular economy while suggesting that the fashion industry will be the next industry to lead the way to a greener mindset.

Tony Ranalli is the master of design at ICBC focusing on green industries. He aspires not only to make consumers more aware of green fashion, but also to let consumers wear harmless-to-body clothes made of natural materials.

Observation: Green in data

Yu Hui is the vice marketing president of TRENDS Media Group, and is responsible for issuing the “China-Fashion Index-Green” rankings and says that although the fashion industry and environmental protection typically follow different paths, they both embrace the same goal, i.e. sustainable development along commercial lines.

Extension: Experts in technological and cultural industries

It may be surprising to see Yao Yingjia, vice president of Lenovo, showing up at a fashion gathering. In addition, Zhu Huilong, CEO of Heyi Film, were present, and interpreted environmental protection from the perspective of film and television, in particular, concerning the influence of film and fashion on China’s green culture and their roles towards making Chinese people “greener”.

Practice: Green Fashion among independent designers

This is the first major event after the cooperation agreement signed in April between Kopenhagen Fur, Shangtex and the organizing committee of Shanghai Fashion Week, with an aim of bringing leading trends and new fashion styles for practitioners and consumers.

Apart from the brainstorming at the summit, Kopenhagen Fur, Shangtex and the organizing committee of Shanghai Fashion Week have also opened a showroom named “The Square” at Shanghai Fashion Week’s official fashion fair “Mode”.

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