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Blind Spot Announces Kickstarter Launch of Revolutionary Tile Light

November 25, 2015
By PRN NewsWire

GLASGOW, Scotland, November 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

– Pocket-sized Tile Light uses single surface emitting technology 

UK-based Blind Spot Gear, manufacturer of the successful Scorpion Light, has announced its latest Kickstarter campaign to launch the revolutionary new Tile Light, a groundbreaking alternative to the heavy lighting kit used by today’s filmmakers. See the campaign here

Pocket-sized Tile Light uses single surface emitting technology to master the science of lighting a set, for film or stills photography. The Tile Light is perfect for use in remote locations, adventure filming, cinematography, product reviews, blogs, video marketing and more.

At just 17cm x 7cm x 2cm and hand luggage friendly, this featherweight contender can go anywhere thanks to its lightweight full metal adc12 aluminium housing designed for durability. Creating beautiful pictures with premium colour rendition, Tile Light uses battery power or AC and provides an incredible output of 600 lux and one metre, plus is daylight balanced (5600k). It can also be used with Blind Spot-designed self adhesive coloured gels to provide a wide range of lighting effects. With a remote dimmer, users can take Tile Light anywhere.

Tile Light can be used in any way that is required, from singularly mounted on top of a camera, arranged around a shoot on stands, or available mounted in a modular fashion on the Petal, a perfect ring light solution or large soft key that with a silk diffusion can be used as a highly effective space light.

Billy Campbell, director at Blind Spot Gear, commented on Tile Light: “No light has ever been as portable while maintaining massive light output, amazing colour rendition and all at an affordable price. We are light years ahead of the competition here.

“As filmmakers, we at Blindspot have been creating screen content for decades and we know lighting is essential to the look and quality of the end result. When we source kit, we’re looking for rugged durability and the highest quality materials and output; filming can be tough on your gear!” Campbell added.

Blind Spot has already run and delivered a successful Kickstarter campaign to launch the Scorpion Light, and it is ready to take its Tile Light prototype to production. Blind Spot is aiming to raise GBP16,000 to launch Tile Light to market. Click here for more details:

About Blind Spot Gear: 

Blind Spot Gear design and manufacture lighting products specifically for the film, television, photographic and entertainment industries. Our products are conceived by filmmakers for filmmakers with the end user and application foremost in mind, solving technical and functional shortcomings with robust, durable, uber-quality, professional instruments.

Blind Spot Gear embodies the fusion of art and technology. Our team consists of industry leading specialists all focused on one task; cutting edge innovation and design to allow unrestricted creative camera lighting.

Blind Spot Gear’s directors are a two time winning Bafta Director and a Kodak Award winning Cinematographer. This is why our motto rings true ‘By Filmmakers for Filmmakers’.

  For more information:  Contact Billy Campbell:  Phone: +44(0)141-418-9634  Email: 


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