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BI2 Technologies and Grabba International Announce a Joint Licensing and Marketing Agreement to Develop and Offer the First-of-Their-Kind Mobile Biometric Identification, Data Capture and Verification Devices

June 30, 2015
By Business Wire News


Biometric Intelligence & Identification Technologies (BI2 Technologies), a leading provider of mobile biometric identification technologies, and Grabba International Pty Ltd, a leading provider of technologies designed to extend the capabilities of Smartphones, Tablets and PDAs, announced the completion of a Joint Licensing and Marketing Agreement to create and offer the world’s most powerful mobile biometric identification, data capture and verification devices.

The agreement was announcement during BI2 Technologies’ participation in the National Sheriffs’ Association annual conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

Under the terms of the Agreement, BI2 will grant a license to its patented (U.S. Patent 8,719,584) Mobile Recognition and Information System (MORIS™) technology to Grabba. Grabba will integrate, manufacture and offer BI2’s MORIS™ iris and facial biometric technologies as an option with its industry leading mobile data capture and verification devices.

“We look forward to having MORIS™ ‘Grabba-ized’,” said Sean G. Mullin, President and CEO of BI2 Technologies. “MORIS™’ patented, multimodal biometric identification technologies are a perfect expansion of Grabba’s existing capabilities that currently offer up to 8 different data capture and verification technologies in the one device that is available for multiple mobile platforms. This is a true innovation in the world of mobile biometric identification – there is simply no other mobile solution like this in the world,” Mullin said.

Frank Downes, President and CEO of Grabba International, said, “The addition of BI2’s patented and award winning mobile iris and facial biometric identification technologies to our industry-leading suite of data capture and verification devices is groundbreaking. We can now offer 10 different modalities including integrated mobile, fingerprint, iris and facial biometric identification technologies on our one-of-a-kind device that works with multiple Smartphones, Tablets and PDAs.”

“This expanded capability has worldwide implications,” said Laurie Pane, Senior VP at Grabba, Inc. “Grabba’s powerful, versatile and mobile technologies are completely horizontal and most importantly, the user can select just those capabilities required by the use-case, making the unit both efficient and cost-effective. These Grabba units can be used by any public or private organization where it is critical to capture data and – in seconds – verify the identity of the individual connected to the information.”

The combination of BI2 and Grabba technologies enables virtually every vertical market – e.g.., healthcare, retail, financial services, law enforcement, border and immigration control, public benefits, transportation, facility and access control – to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations by providing the ability to positively identify individuals using patented mobile biometric capabilities using existing computing and communications devices on their current networks.

Mullin concluded, “As an important part of this agreement, all authorized Grabba users at the federal, state and local level in the U.S. can obtain access to our national, criminal offender and convicted sex offender databases. That’s an immediate game changer that can help make every community safer.”

Grabba and BI2 Technologies will be jointly marketing their combined products worldwide through their distribution and reseller partners.

About BI2 Technologies

Biometric Intelligence & Identification Technologies (BI2 Technologies) is a privately held company based in Plymouth, Massachusetts and is a leading provider of multi-modal biometric identification technologies.

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About Grabba International, Pty Ltd.

Grabba International is a privately held company based in Brisbane, Australia and is the world’s leading manufacturer of attachments for Smartphones, Tablets and PDAs. Grabba designs, develops and manufactures all of its products in Brisbane, Australia. Grabba, Inc. is the Burbank, California based distributor of Grabba products.

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