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APLIX Introduces Sustainable inter-mold® Technology Solutions

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Aplix today announced their latest sustainable capabilities with the use of biodegradable additives during the inter-mold® process. The inter-mold® technology is a breakthrough patented one-step injection molding solution which allows the creation of hooks directly into plastic parts. Aplix partnered with ENSO Plastics, a global leader of environmental plastic solutions, to utilize a specialized additive for Polypropylene, Polyethylene (including LDPE, HDPE) resins to enhance the biodegradation process of their inter-mold® technology.

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“As part of Aplix’s commitment to protecting the environment, we now offer a new sustainable dimension to our inter-mold technology,” stated Quresh Sachee, VP of Global Sales & Marketing.

Adding the ENSO™ RESTORE™ additive to the resin allows for the natural process of biodegradation within landfill environments of traditionally non-biodegradable plastics, returning the polymer to its natural elements reducing both waste and overall product carbon footprint. The performance is tested under recognized ASTM standards; D5526, Bio-Methane Potential (BMP) as well as D5511.

The inter-mold® process is compatible with a wide range of injection-molded thermoplastics. A number of resins have been used for automotive, cleaning and medical applications including polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, acetyl and thermo-plastic urethanes (TPU). Aplix’s inter-mold® technology is easily implemented into injection-molding machinery and does not require moving parts or add-on equipment.

The benefits of inter-mold®include:

  • Improved aesthetics
  • Elimination of adhesive backed hook tape and attachment labor
  • Chemical and liquid resistance
  • A sustainable solution

About ENSO Plastics

ENSO Plastics is the global leader of environmental plastic solutions. With the expertise and experience to understand customer needs, they provide a full spectrum of solutions from compostable, landfill biodegradable, marine degradable, renewable (bio-based) and customized solutions that lower carbon footprint and meet the high performance demands of today’s products while ensuring the most environmental approach.


With over 50 years of experience, APLIX is one of the world’s leading hook and loop fastening system specialists. APLIX provides their clients with innovative products and solutions in numerous self-gripping fastening markets: Aircraft, Automotive, Cleaning, Hygiene, Medical, Packaging and other specialized industries. APLIX operates six ISO 9001 Certified plants in the U.S., France, Brazil and China as well as sales offices around the world.

To learn more about our inter-mold® technology and applications, please visit us at

Jenny Moore, 704-588-1920


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