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ADDING MULTIMEDIA The Future is Now: Hager Environmental’s Emissions Camera is the Solution to Air Pollution

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In light of the recent Volkswagen scandal and the demand for real world driving cycle data, government entities are questioning traditional methods and looking for alternatives for testing their fleets. Hager Environmental & Atmospheric Technologies (HEAT) has developed one such option. The “Emission Camera” technology HEAT offers is an Emissions Detection and Reporting System labeled EDAR. It is a laser-based system installed on poles above main highways scanning down on the roadway capturing emissions data of vehicles passing underneath the unit in real time.

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The discovery of Volkswagen’s “defeat devices” will cost billions to rectify. Working in cooperation with government organizations, devices like EDAR are fraud proof, low profile, and can capture extraordinary amounts of emissions data all while drivers are on their daily commute without any inconvenience.

Thus, abnormalities in emissions testing, otherwise not caught in a laboratory setting due to smart software developed by car manufacturers, can be detected effectively off-cycle and on-road at the source; capturing thousands of vehicles a day.

Government entities worldwide are gathering in order to pose a solution to the recent deceit by Volkswagen. Recently, at the National Air Quality Conference held in Birmingham, UK, SMMT’s Mike Hawes stated that “current regulations for testing are out of date” and the Volkswagen scandal should not “detract from vital progress toward the implementation of these new tests.” Stating that real world driving data is the future and new technologies should be embraced.

Additional pollution being accounted for from diesel vehicles is known to be quite toxic and compromises the health of thousands. It will be virtually impossible to reduce the amount of diesel vehicles on-road immediately. By gathering accurate real-world data, we can make a difference in driving habits, policy, and enforcement. Organizations such as the European Union and the United States’ E.P.A. can benefit greatly from forming a system of these on-road devices.

Urgent action needs to be taken in response to Volkswagen’s defeat devices in order to rectify the damage being caused to the environment.

Dr. J. Stewart Hager, CEO of Hager Environmental & Atmospheric Technologies and inventor of EDAR, is a PhD in Molecular Physics and has many achievements in high-resolution infrared spectroscopy.

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