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GUEST: Suzane Greeman, President and Principal Asset Management Advisor, Greeman Asset Management Solutions.

TOPIC: Women in Manufacturing Series

DESCRIPTION:  In this episode, Greeman, speaks with MRO’s Associate Editor, Maryam Farag, about her role as President and how they pivoted during the ongoing global pandemic. She speaks about her journey in establishing Greeman Asset Management Solutions, and the successes she has achieved over the years. She also speaks about barriers she faced as she started out in the asset management world, and how she overcame these barriers.

She speaks about the gender-related challenges she faced as a female working in a male-dominant field, and also the support she received in return. In this episode, Greeman gives advice to all females who are looking to advance leadership positions and senior roles, and how to overcome biases and barriers they might face.



Suzane Greeman is the President and Principal Asset Management Advisor of Greeman Asset Management Solutions, a firm headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is the author of Risk-based Asset Criticality Assessment (R-b ACA©) Handbook, and an accomplished asset management leader with over 22 years of experience.

Suzane has worked across several asset management disciplines to implement asset management strategies for cement manufacturing, power generation, wastewater treatment and airport assets.


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