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Engaging Your Employees in a Safety Culture

Mario Cywinski   

Podcast Engineering Environment & Sustainability Health & Safety Human Resources Industry Operations editor pick


TOPIC: Engaging Your Employees in a Safety Culture.

GUEST: Shawn Casemore

DESCRIPTION: Shawn discusses how to get employees to buy into a safety culture, how important it is to change habits, things that need to be done to make a company as safe as possible, as well as going over success stories.

BIO: Shawn Casemore has spent over two decades working in and supporting manufacturers. His career spans leadership roles in automotive, packaging, pharmaceuticals, electronics, power generation and most recently as the past-President of Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium or EMC for short.

Through his own experiences, as well as those of his clients, Shawn’s learned why and how safety plays a critical role, not only in ensuring employee well-being, but to support an engaged and high performing workforce.

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